Raspberry Pi for Arduino Users
Building IoT and Network Applications and Devices

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ISBN: 9781484234143
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Are you an Arduino guru? Want to use a Raspberry Pi for your next project, but you don't know where to start? Hate Python? This is the book for you. Raspberry Pi for Arduino Users will teach you how to leverage your Arduino skills in the Raspberry Pi world.

You'll learn some survival Linux, so you know how to set the Pi up, establish minimal security, and shut it down safely.

You'll learn how to use the Geany IDE in place of the Arduino IDE to write code in.

You'll learn how Arduino sketches are really C++ programs, and how to write C++ programs for the Pi. No Python required!

You'll learn to write multi-threaded and multi-process programs.

You'll learn how to access the standard socket library and write network clients of your own.

You'll learn how to set up the Apache web server and write CGI programs so other computers can talk to your Pi safely.

You'll learn how to wire hardware to your Pi so it literally has an Arduino-compatible wired to its GPIO port, despite the voltage differences.

You'll learn about filesystems and drives, and how to use them.

The Raspberry Pi is a much more capable computer than the Arduino, but with that capability comes complexity. This book was written to get you over the learning curve and add Raspberry Pis to your toolbox.

Sound interesting?

I'm a science fiction writer, not an engineer. Explaining technology and why it matters is what I do. I'll give you the details when you need them to understand what's really going on, but I break it down into projects, so you can get the concepts, the jargon, and the code all at once.

The Raspberry Pi's a complex beast, but there's no magic in it, not even magic smoke. If you can make an Arduino do what you want, you can make the Pi work for you too.

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