Junk Box Arduino
Ten Projects in Upcycled Electronics

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ISBN: 9781484214268
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Got junk?

I have a closet full: electronics I've hauled around for years because they still work, but you can't get the software for them, they won't talk to modern equipment, or some trivial thing has gone wrong and they almost work. There they sit, taking up space.

Not anymore! You can use that old junk for hours of entertainment, and learn computer technology more deeply along the way. No junk box? Wow. Don't worry though, you can still buy nearly all the parts used in this book from your usual electronics suppliers.

Sound interesting?

I'm a science fiction writer, not an engineer. Explaining technology so non-technologists can understand it is part of what I do for a living. I'm not going to overwhelm you with technical detail and math. Sure, I'll serve it up when it's needed rather than hide it from you, but even then, it'll be in the context of a project to hand right now, in an easy to read, friendly style. Unlike various Arduino cookbooks, the projects in this book build on each other, and they're there to expose theory and advance your understanding of what's really going on in there, so you can re-use the knowledge in your own projects.

There is no magic in electronics. Not even magic smoke. If I can teach one thing in my technical writing, it's that. Electronics are made up of devices, and each device functions according to physical and logical rules. You can understand these rules and make these devices do what YOU want. And hey, all these chips were in the junk box anyway, right?

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