Frequently Asked Questions

Um, the epub version of {fill in novel here} is too big for my reader/really slow on my reader. What gives?

If you actually see this problem, or any other egregious bugs in the ebooks, please let me know and I’ll fix them. I have tested them, but my epub reader in particular runs on my desktop, which has gobs of memory and CPU power, so I don't see some types of problems in testing.

This should be fixed now.

I can’t get your ebooks to download. I get the epub version as a zip file (or my browser helpfully expands it into a directory) and/or the mobi file fills my screen with gibberish.

Support for ebook mimetypes can be a little dicey. On Macs, just hold down the CTRL key and click the file. It should let you save it as whatever you like. Right click to do the same thing on PCs.

This should be fixed now.

Hey, now that you’re giving away ebooks, you should use the {fill in cool open license here.} Then you’d be cool!

Unfortunately, those licenses aren’t compatible with my contract with my publisher.

Cyberpunk is so 1980s. Why don't you write something modern, like {fill in media tie-in here}?

New New Answer (now with working links): I write Steampunk now too. Check out Brass and Steel: Inferno and On Gossamer Wings

Old Answer: I like cyberpunk. You can do things with it that you can't do in other SF genres, like look into other people's brains while writing from the first person, explore the differences between reality and hallucination, dig into issues of identity, and so on, as well as taking a peek into the near future. I think it's an incredibly relevant genre today, in 2009. Arguably more-so than it was in the early 80s when it's methedrine-jacked face first appeared on the scene. The fad has passed, and the real nature of the beast is starting to become apparent. As for media tie-ins, I hope some day to have other authors writing media tie-ins to my work, so I suppose I need to have invented it.

You know, Looking Glass and Irreconcilable Differences aren't cyberpunk at all. They're {fill in more hip, up-to-date, hyphenated genre name, such as post-cyberpunk.}

Genre titles are always tricky things. On the one hand, I want my readers to have an accurate expectation of the general style of my books, so they don't buy Looking Glass with the expectation of magic-using elves showing up (in the real world, at least. ;). On the other hand, there are always those who feel a genre name has gotten un-hip, that it was ruined by {fill in media product here}, that it's been done to death, or that it's not quite accurate for the books I write. It's probably correct to call the LookingGlass world books post-cyberpunk, as they fit that genre's description more accurately, but I've had to explain what cyberpunk is often enough to approach nouveau genre titles with trepidation. So enjoy the fact that you know better. I know you know.

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